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“Welcome to Prescott Valley, we are anxious to help you succeed!”

— Mayor Harvey C. Skoog

Prescott Valley is growing by leaps and bounds!  We constantly have in our pipeline inquiries about the opportunities here in Prescott Valley.  We also have many pending and/or approved projects, and projects that are near their completion.  With so much happening it’s hard to keep this part of the website up to date.

Below are some of the most recent retail/commercial development activities that have been announced.  Further down on this page, you will see the most recent projects that have been completed.

    Scheduled to open 2018

    Scheduled to open Fall of 2017

      Opened January 2018

     Scheduled to open 2018

Top 10 Reasons to Locate Your Company to Prescott Valley

What Local Manufacturers Are Saying About Prescott Valley

Business View Magazine – December 2016

Prescott Valley enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine each year, but Prescott Valley offers much more than just great weather. You’ll find a progressive business environment, a workforce that is both skilled and affordable, and we are the youngest, fastest growing, and largest community within Yavapai County.


#PrescottValley is the epicenter of the quad-city community and is operating from a Strategic Economic Development Plan known as Focus on Success. The five key areas the of focus are Business Development, Education, Workforce Development, Leadership and #Collaboration, and Quality of Life.

Expand your #business to Prescott Valley and share your home with prospering companies. This location offers a tight-knit community of business leaders who work together to promote the region.

If you want to #expand or #relocate your business to an easy-to-access, rapidly growing market, take a closer look at Prescott Valley. Our market is affordable, perfectly positioned and accustomed to welcoming newcomers wanting to expand business from other cities and countries.


             Opened March 2017

     Opened September of 2016

      Opened August 2016

          Opened October 2017

                    Opened July 2016

    Opened Winter 2016

              Opened Winter of 2016

          Opened December 2017


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