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“Welcome to Prescott Valley, we are anxious to help you succeed!”

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“Prescott Valley is an exciting community and one to watch in the state of Arizona, and it is getting even better by the day!

Over the past decade, over 1.2 million square feet of new commercial development was added. Our economic base is sound and outperforms the national economy.  We have grown to be the largest, youngest and fastest growing municipality in Yavapai County with a present growth rate of 300 to 400 homes per year along with strong business growth.

We welcome you and will work to help you have a superior business experience.

 —Mayor Harvey C. Skoog

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Prescott Valley is located 87 miles north of Phoenix and is the Gateway Community of the Quad-City region of North Central Arizona. More businesses and people are choosing to relocate to Prescott Valley.  Increasing opportunities for jobs and business start-ups have contributed to the 166% population gain of Prescott Valley over the last decade.

The size of the town is only 37.5 square miles but is the largest, youngest,  and fastest growing municipality in Yavapai County with a strong economic base. Quality educational facilities, including 4 local colleges and universities, are nearby.  The area is diverse and viewed as a quiet, safe community and is ranked #2 as one of the best places to build in Arizona.